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Meadow Creek Antlers manufacturers high quality and hand-crafted antler lighting fixtures
and chandeliers. We design and create rustic furniture for every room
in your home that will catch anyone's eye.
We specialize in antler lighting,
antler furniture, and antler art. The artist, Robin Collier, has even created his beautiful works of art for celebrities.

One of Robin's unique designs adorns one of Ted and Shemane Nugent's homes.  See pictures of Ted and Shemane Nugent's chandelier under Our Products section.  Also, check out Ted's website listed in our Links section.

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                                   "Light is the symbol of truth"

Meadow Creek Antlers will also help, working closely with our interior designers,                      with ideas for other aspects of rustic furniture the home with antlers and                                     incorporating other rustic items such as hides, traps, paintings on hides, wagon                  wheels, etc. Looking for new ways to decorate your home's interior? The rustic furniture            and lamps will provide excellent lighting.

                                                                                                                                    Using naturally shed antlers, an originally arranged, unique work of art will be perfect for any home. These antler chandelier gifts come handcrafted with original style and timeless design. Distinctive chandelier products and ideas have been the best way to offer deer antler chandeliers. These products are created with the utmost considerations for quality, appearance, function, and beauty.

The most common types of antler chandelier are mule deer, whitetail deer, elk velvet, and moose, but we also use fallow, caribou, and many other kinds of exotic antlers upon request. MeadowCreekAntlers will make an antler chandelier out of antlers that have some special meaning to you. Receive a 40% discount off our standard retail prices by bringing in the antlers. Since it takes many antlers to find symmetrical and matching antlers in shape and color, we may need to trade out some antlers or add some antlers for more complex chandelier designs.

Our products range from massive antler chandelier for lodges, to small low-profile antler chandelier that fit in small spaces and areas with low ceilings. About 98% of our work consists of custom pieces.

Meadow Creek Antlers loves a challenge and welcome all to contact us with specific custom antler chandelier needs and ideas. A wonderful variety of birch bark, rawhide, pigskin, hand-painted, and buck-skin lamps and specialty candles are offered. Browse a few antler chandelier samples that we've created and feel free to contact us. All rustic furniture orders are handled as personal as if in our shop.

We're not a big operation, but we are the best. Uncompromising quality and dedication to craftsmanship is evident in the design arrangement and detail of the finished product. The most beautiful and unusual antlers get utilized for chandelier fixtures. Our rustic furniture antler work is superior in quality and impeccably designed to highlight the natural beauty of the antler.

Many of our methods of construction are unique to our company and our fixtures are recognized as extremely well built with all components carrying the UL Listing. The finest quality hardware is used on rustic furniture. Each component is individually fitted with a blind fastening system. We fit the antlers together like a puzzle to make sure they are balanced and the colors match. Each antler chandelier is aesthetically pleasing, balanced, and appreciated by an artistic eye. Antler chandelier embody the natural beauty of antlers and reflect pride in our heritage.

We encourage you to give us a call on our toll-free line 877-ANTLER-1 (268-5371). We are always ready to discuss your rustic furniture lighting needs and design preferences. Please see our other pages to learn more about antler chandelier, how they are made, commonly asked questions, and samples of rustic furniture.

                                              Antler Chandelier Deer Antlers Lamps

"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."

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